Case studies

Safety: Human Factors Risk Analysis

The client was embarking on a major new project, which involved significant changes to the workforce composition. In order to ensure high safety standards were maintained, they requested a Human Factors Risk Analysis. Site visits and workshops were conducted, culminating in a thorough review of potential Human Factors risks and issues. The report included a prioritised assessment of risks related to training, selection and recruitment, equipment design, and safety behaviour.
“This is very comprehensive.” (Project Manager).

Performance: Workload Research

Our client wanted a better understanding of workload issues in the forestry industry. We conducted a number of site visits across BC, partnering with a forestry industry specialist where necessary. We also planned and conducted a major workshop, with over 80 industry representatives. We collected extensive data that helped our client understand how workers were spending their time, and systematically document their concerns. The project was very well received in the industry, and the client finished with a firm understanding of workload issues.
“It is great to finally have some hard data on this issue.” (Falling Supervisor).

Usability: Safety Critical User Interface Design

The client was developing a world leading system to support employees making real-time safety-critical decisions. One particular part of the user interface was causing problems. The existing design would require extensive development, and would be costly and complex when implemented. We conducted an analysis of current operations, and were able to demonstrate that the current design provided more functionality than was needed. We recommended an innovative and simple User Interface Design that fit seamlessly into the end user’s mental models and required no training. Because of the straightforwardness of the design, it also eliminated the need for ongoing manual data processing and greatly simplified development.
“This will save us two full time jobs for the life of {the system}.” (Project engineer)